MetroFibre - Up to 1 Gig [View All Categories]

MetroFibre services provided by Huge Networks uses the infrastructure provided by the major infrastructure providers. The MetroFibre services are contended and delivers high speed data access between the client's branches or to the internet.



MetroFibre by Huge Networks offers the following benefits by leveraging on Next Generation Network (NGN) infrastructure and World Class Service Carriers

  • Comprehensive coverage through state-of-the-art network to all parts of the country
  • Superior quality and performance by terminating customers' offices through fibre and fixed line networks
  • Availability and resiliency in the last mile network for business critical connectivity
  • High Speed (1Gbs) to low speed (1Mbs) options depending on traffic volumes and business needs
  • End-to-end service manageability and excellent 24/7 service levels
  • 1:1 Contended, Uncapped, Unshaped Service
  • Symmetrical Service delivered on Fibre
  • Same upload and download



  • Internet bandwidth delivered via Fibre Optical Lines
  • High Speed Inter-branch Data communications
  • Carried Quality Voice Over IP
  • Free Domain Registration (
  • Domain Hosting
  • DNS Hosting
  • Free Fax to Email